向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP26: Back to Sundays! And GS, YELP

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-sixth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Rate hikes look steady.
  • Goldman Sachs’ new ETF.
  • Japan’s sudden rise, despite lower GDP output.
  • OPEC announces it will reduce production.
  • Yelp! Stock prices are falling!

Firming U.S. Inflation Keeps Fed Rate Hike on the Table
Goldman Sachs to Turn Its Hedge Fund Research Into an ETF
What’s the Difference Between a Mutual Fund and a Hedge Fund
A Yelp Employee Publicly Complained to the CEO That she Couldn’t Afford to Buy Groceries –Hours Later, She Was Fired
Why Pay Employees to Exercise When You Can Threaten Them?
This Chinese Company Moved Production to South Carolina to Save Money
How to Understand the State of Carbon Consumption
Chinese Minister Believes China’s Environmental Clean-up Could Soon Serve As a Model for the West
The Great Smog of 1952

Worst Still Ahead for Mining Industry After Losing $1.4 Trillion
What Should Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Investors Do Now?
China Ramps Up Rhetoric, Plans New Steps to Juice Up Economy

Tasty Trade

Companies mentioned:
-Goldman Sachs (GS)
-Yelp (YELP)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP25: President’s Day Episode. AMZN, AEM, GLD, EWJ, YELP

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-fifth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • US Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen’s remarks on February 10th to the US House of Representatives, followed by a repeat to the US Senate the next day.
  • China’s public reassurances.
  • Japan’s sudden rise, despite lower GDP output.
  • OPEC announces it will reduce production.
  • Yelp! Stock prices are falling!

Yellen – Fed Not Likely to Reverse Course on Rates Despite Risks
As Market Rout Continues, Yellen Sticks to Her Guns
Bear market Descends on Global Stocks
Yellen on Negative Rates: ‘We Wouldn’t Take Those Off the Table”
Sweden Cuts Rates Deeper Into Negative Territory, Says May Go Further
South Korea Halts Small-Cap Equity TRading After Index Sinks 8%
World Trade at Sea Has Hangover From Party That Never Happened
Europe Banks More Oversold Than in 2008, Technicals Show: Chart
Moments After Oil Crashes To 12 Year Lows, “OPEC Heaodline” Sends it Surging Again
Gold Beats Silver Evoking Global Financial Crisis in 2008: Chart
Banks, Oil, Stocks Rally; ‘Doom Loop’? What Doom Loop?
Nightly Business Report, February 12, 2016: Bear Market Performance and Predictions
Stocks and the Economy
These 3 Factors are Sinking the World Economy
Oil Edges Down, Pares Friday’s Jump of Over 10 Percent
Hedge-Fund Estimates China’s Foreign Reserves Below Critical Level
Is China’s Crisis Being Fuelled By Miscommunication?
KYLE Bass: China is Already Out of Money
Peterson Institute: Interview with Angel Ubide

Japan Leads Asian Stock Rebound as Debt, Gold Fall; Oil Near $29
Japan GDP Growth Rate
Has the Abenomics Rally Ended? Topix Breaks From Uptrend: Chart
Asia Shares Mostly Firm, China Sets Yuan Higher

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Companies mentioned:
-Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM)
-SPDR Gold Trust(GLD)
-MSCI iShares Japan (EWJ)
-Yelp (YELP)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP24: Oil Not Falling? China Bear or Bull? More CMG, GOOG, GOOGL, AAPL, YELP, and SBUX

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-fourth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Robo-Advisors: Day Took R Jawbz!!!
  • China’s economy and its migrant workers during the Chinese New Year.
  • Chipotle changes its foods handling procedures.
  • Apple back on top.
  • Yelp! Stock prices are falling!

The Rich Are Already Using Robo-Advisers, and That Scares Banks
In Huge Breakthrough, Google’s AI Beats A Top Player At the Game of Go
Why Many Chinese Migrant Workers Won’t Return From the New Year Holiday
Unpaid and Angry: The Chinese Workers Too Proud to Return Home.
There’s a New Theory About the Source of the Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak.
Why Chipotle Is Closed for Lunch Today
Chipotle Addresses Multiple Illness Culprits
Alphabet’s Time at the Top Short-lived as Apple Again Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company
Yelp’s Due for an Activist Review

Growth Worries, Rate Hike Uncertainty Pull Wall Street Down

Portfolio Review:
Starbucks Pulls Plug on Teavana Bar Plans

Investing Strategies:
What to Do After a Market Drop

Is a Bear Market Upon Us? Experts Weigh In

Companies mentioned:
-Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)
-Google/Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)
-Apple Inc (AAPL)
-Yelp! (YELP)
-Starbucks (SBUX)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP23: Oil Not Falling? China Bear or Bull? And CMG, AAPL

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-third episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Bear Markets Continue.
  • Warren Buffett Webcasts.
  • Oil cheaper than salmon, is it bottoming out?
  • Negative interest rates outside the US.
  • China’s economic direction.

Bear Markets in Small Caps Take More to Smother
Warren Buffett Plans to Webcast Annual Meeting
Warren Buffett Controls Nevada’s Legacy Utility. Elon Musk is Behind the Solar Company That’s Upending the Market. Let the fun begin.
Barrel of Oil as Slump Deepens: Chart
Oil’s Drop Makes It Cheaper to Fill Up in Houston Than Abu Dhabi
Pickens: Oil Already bottomed –here’s what’s next
Negative Interest Rate and You
What You Need to Know About the Bank of Japan and Negative Interest Rates
China Is Getting Less and Less Bang for Its Credit Buck
Want China’s PMI Report Says About Their Economy
Economic Indicators: Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
Manufacturing Slows Again to Start 2016, with CaiXin China PMI at 48.4
China’s Workforce Faces Tough Year Shifting Gears From Manufacturing to Services
Stock Market Selloff Exacts Toll on World’s Richest
CDC Declares Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Over, Rallying Chain’s Stock

Alphabet Vaults Apple to Become Most Valuable Company

Portfolio Review:
Sanofi, One of Least Efficient Drugmakers, May Cut Jobs: Chart

Investing Strategies:
The Options Guide

4 Key Indicators That Move the Markets

Companies mentioned:
-Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)
-Apple Inc (AAPL)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP22: Falling Oil, China’s Continuing Economic woes, and MDLZ

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-second episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • China pumps liquidity into markets.
  • Upcoming Market Holidays in East Asia.
  • Huang, WeiMin, from state employee, to investor.
  • “Chinese New Year Effect”.
  • More Falling Oil, predictions.
  • Recession? Yes, says Soros.

China Shares Follow Asian Bourses Lower as Oil Rally Peters
Market Holidays
Holiday Schedule
Korea Exchange Holidays 2016
Trader Who Made 6,200% on China Futures Says Go Short or Get Out
Chinese Lunar New Year Effect in Asian stock markets
Chinese New Year Effects on Stock Returns: Evidence from Asia-Pacific Stock Markets
U.S. Companies Fear the Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year and its effect on the World Economy
Quantitative Systematic Market Analysis
Selling Equities on Falling Oil Is Mistake, Goldman’s Cohn Says
Goldman Has Four Reasons the Pullback in Stocks Doesn’t Signal Recession
We brought an antenna to Davos to track private air travel, and here’s what we found
Soros Says China Hard Landing Will deepen the Rout in Stocks

Asian Rally Fails To Impress European Markets After Oil Prices Reverse Early Gains

Portfolio Review:
Mondelez Settles With California Over Lead in Nabisco Ginger Snaps

Investing Strategies:
Why Morning is the Worst Time to Trade Stocks

Learn Python

Companies mentioned:
-Mondelez (MDLZ)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2016 –MARKETS CLOSED.

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twenty-first episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • December Jobs Report.
  • Why are Indices falling?
  • Oil’s falling affects
  • China’s Economic Situation
  • Taiwan’s elections
  • Walmart closes stores.

Why Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average Falling Today?
The Losers of Low Oil Prices
Is Time Really on China’s Side? What the Economic Slowdown Means for Future Chinese Power
Taiwan’s New Leader Faces a Weak Economy and China’s Might
India Fails to Secure Vice Presidency of China-backed AIIB
Wal-Mart to Shutter 269 Stores; No Arizona Stores Included

U.S. Stocks Post Worst 10-day Start to a Year in History.

Wall Street Steadies as Oil Plunges, China Woes Deepen

Portfolio Review:
Nightly Business Report January 15, 2016

Investing Strategies:
Betting on the Market: A Pro Answers Investment Questions

Punk Economics: Playing with Liquidity

Companies mentioned:
-Wal-Mart (WMT)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP20: First for 2016

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s twentienth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • December Jobs Report.
  • Chinese markets crashing.
  • Rich people losing money (I’m not alone).
  • Privatizing space flight.
  • CES raid.
  • Fracking.
  • Venezuela oil.
  • VW recalls.

Jobs Report Dampens US Recession Speculation
Dow, S&P off to Worst Four-Day Jan Start Ever As China Fears Grow
The Chinese Yuan Fix is Stronger Than Expected –and Risk Assets are Ripping Higher
China Stocks Swing in Volatile Trade as Circuit Breaker Scrapped
Asian Stocks Rally Amid Return to Risk as Chinese Assets Rebound
Treasuries Take a Breather Amid Calmer Stock Markets
Stock Market Selloff: Just how Bad is It?
NASA Wants to Ride-Share to Get to Mars
US Marshals Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES
22 Earthquakes Were Reported in Oklahoma Yesterday, and Fracking Could Be to Blame
Venezuela’s Oil Industry Could Be Privatized
Volkswagen May be Prepping a Massive Buyback of its Dirty Diesel Cars in the US

Nightly Business Report – January 8, 2016
Wall Street Steadies as Oil Plunges, China Woes Deepen

Portfolio Review:
US Companies With the Most to Lose in China
American & International Corporations in China
Why Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Tumbled Nearly 30% in 2015
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (WMT): 2015 Recap
Sam’s Club or Costco?
BJ’s vs Costco vs Sam’s Club: Price Comparison
How Costco is Winning Its Battle Against Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club
Retailers Internet of Things (IoT) Plan: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT), Best Buy Co Inc (BBY), and Target Corporation (TGT)

Investing Strategies:
Choosing Between Dollar-Cost And Value Averaging
Is This Another 2008 For the Stock Market?

Wall Street Week Returns!

Companies mentioned:
-Volkswagen (VW)
-Costco (CSCO)
-Wal-Mart (WMT)
-Target (TGT)
-Best Buy (BBY)
-Amazon (AMZN)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP19: 2015 Year-end Oil

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s nineteenth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Oil.
  • Taxes.

US Drivers Get Christmas Surprise With Lowest Gas Prices Since 2008
Gas Tax In California Ranks Among Highest in Country; But its Roads Are Among the Worst in America
Saudi Arabia Cuts Spending, Raises Domestic Fuel Prices
Retailers Ring Up Healthy Sales This Holiday Season

Oil Slump, China Worry Weigh On Equities
Wall Street Loses Ground As Oil Decline Deepens
Apple Dominates Holiday Sales With Nearly 50% of All New Device Activations
Home Prices Edged Higher in October

Portfolio Review:
Honda Begins Deliveries of HondaJet, its First Light Jet

Investing Strategies:
The Psychology of Trading | Alessio Rastani | TEDxManchester

全球首間McDonald’s Next概念店 自選沙律+雜莓新地窩夫 -新假期
‘McDonald’s Next’Hong Kong Concept Elevates ‘Create Your Taste’ Dining

Companies mentioned:
Apple Inc (AAPL)
Honda (HMC)
McDonalds (MCD)
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc (CMG)

向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money!) EP18: QIHU, BABA, AMZN, UPS, FedX, YUM, PLKI, GS, MSFT

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s seventeenth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Chinese companies delisting from US Stock exchanges.
  • Argentina’s elections, and what they mean for the US economy.
  • New Tax rules passed for 2016.
  • Obamacare pricing model errors.
  • Oil-crashing further?
  • Chicken.
  • Spoofing.

Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd Strikes Deal To Be Taken Private
The Difference Between Amazon and Alibaba’s Business Models
Amazon’s Next $400 Billion Opportunity
Argentina: How to Fix an Economy
Argentina’s Economy
What’s in the New Tax Law For You
How You’ll Benefit From the New Tax Deal
The Experts Were Wrong About the Best Places for Better and Cheaper Health Care
Oil Price Crash Could Get Even Worse in 2016
BlackRock’s Fink Says U.S. Lucky to Grow 2% as Oil Prices Slump
ETF Investors Have Spent $24-Billion Trying to Call a Bottom in Oil
Warren Buffett Has A Year to Forget
Currency Guru Who Called Dollar’s 2015 Mega Rally Says Buy Now
We Tried KFC and its Biggest Fried-Chicken Competitor — and the Winner is Clear
Spoofing Went Mainstream in 2015

Portfolio Review:
Goldman Sachs on Microsoft: ‘We Were Wrong’

Investing Strategies:
Why You Should Never Short a Stock

Is Buffett’s 90/10 Asset Allocation Sound?

Companies mentioned:
Qihoo360 (QIHU)
Alibaba (BABA)
Amazon (AMZN)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Federal Express (FedX)
Yum Brands (YUM)
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen (PLKI)
Goldman Sachs (GS)
Microsoft (MSFT)

《向錢汗》(Sweatin’ Money) EP17: PFE, AGN, MSFT, WMT, DG, MDLZ, MRK, VOD, PHG, CAT, SPAR

Welcome to 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)‘s seventeenth episode:

In this episode, we dabble in:

  • Carl Icahn’s OpEd in the NYTimes.

How To Stop Turning US Companies Into Tax Exiles
Is College Worth It? Goldman Sachs Say Maybe Not
These Five Stocks Depend on Low Income Consumers
Here’s Why the Drug That Helped get Jimmy Carter ‘Cancer-free’ is Such A Big Deal

Wall Street Closes Higher As Crude Steadies

Investing Strategies:
10 Ways to Save Money When You’re making Minimum Wage

On the Money: How the Big Short and its Jerk Heroes Explain Finance

Companies mentioned:
Pfizer (PFE)
Allergan (AGN)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Wal-Mart (WMT)
Mondelez (MDLZ)
Merk (MRK)
Vodafone (VOD)
Konijnkeln Phillips (PHG)
Caterpillar (CAT)
Spartan Motors (SPAR)